Event Concept Development + Graphics | USASEF in DC 2014

Imagination sparks naturally when a project like the USA Science & Engineering Festival is queued up. The agency put forth an RFP and provided a show logo and a directive to play.
I took specific elements from the show logo to create the kinetic & interactive directionals and reduced that element further to brand that distinctive shape into a flexible clipping mask to allow attendees to customize their own USASEF merchandise.

My primary objective was to ensure the newly introduced element was immediately recognizable whilst inspiring the youthful audience to create unique items to share their own interests with others at the event. I mocked up these graphics showing the flexibility & impact of the graphic.

The secondary  objective was to transform the floor plan of the show halls from the previous year’s Manhattan style grid to a more Lisbon hub-and-spoke flow. In AutoCAD I laid out the floor plans with hubs spread throughout the halls whilst integrating standardized sets of 10x10s to maximize the square footage.  I then took that plan and applied color and icons reinforcing the whimsical tone of the event. 

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USASEF 2014 Graphics & Renderings (3ds Max, AutoCAD & Adobe Suite)