Dell at CES 2017

Dell Renderings

Creative Direction, 3D/2D
dell event design

Dell at FRS: We started planning for Dell FRS heading to Round Rock, TX to engage their team in a brainstorming session that set us off on solid footing. Their previous year’s event laid out in a grid so our new approach was a cost effective way to immediately turn the expo around. 
With limited time until actual event I developed the 3-d feel of the space while designing the AutoCADs of the floor plan and communicating to Dell the allocations of the 30+ areas in the space.  
I developed set pieces of signage, flexible wall systems, counters and media platforms that could accommodate the areas in a-la-carte fashion.  This approach streamlined the ordering process and allowed the account team to immediately manage the budget. 
The Dell FRS team felt they had excellent responsiveness from GES right from the start and 96% of attendees felt that the Expo provided relevant and important content.

Dell Events Floor plans & Renderings

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